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Happy New Year!

2020. A new year. A new decade. A new beginning.

I have to admit that I'm a bit of a sucker for new starts. I love Mondays. I love a new month and I especially love a new year! Of course, I prefer it when the new year lands on a Monday, but I'm finding that starting the year on a Wednesday is giving me a sense of getting a running start to the year; sort of "warming up" before the new year will officially begin for me on the 6th. Can you relate? Or am I'm the only crazy person in the room..?

This past year has been one of big changes. I moved from the fast-paced, complicated, ever-morphing world of a social media consultant to the quiet, meditative world of a Spiritual Director and Christian Life Coach. Oh, how I've loved the change! I have spent the past year in training, researching, stretching, and slowing down. Man, does that feel good!

I have decided to name 2020 "The year of living slow" As a full-blown Enneagram 3 this is so out of character as to be downright hilarious. I usually have at least one all-consuming job/business, two or three ministries that I volunteer for plus my family. I live with a full, colour-coded calendar, a clear list of goals and objectives (most of which are next to impossible to achieve), and have at least 12 books on the go at all times. My main hobby is efficiency and the goal of life is to see how much I can fit into a single day before fall into bed exhausted. I'm usually quite breathless.

However, over this past year I've been dropping a lot of things from my life: the insanity of social media (I'm sure some of you thought I'd died!) unwanted email, contacts that don't serve or nourish, unnecessary and unrealistic goals, and crazy-making clutter! I feel like I've lost 50 lbs (if only that were true!!)

My usual routine around New Years is one of assessing the past, setting goals for the future and writing lists (so many lists!) Then on January 1 I hit the ground running at phenomenal speed, burn out by January 6th, wallow in self-pity and self-recrimination for a few weeks, and then stumble through the rest of the year trying to make up for my failure.

Honestly - someone should lock me up for my own sanity!

But here I am this January 1 sitting on the sofa under a snuggly blanket - and, except for 2 short walks and a couple of pee-breaks, I've been here since 5:30 this morning, drinking tea, hardly a goal in sight, reading non goal-setting books - some are even fiction! - fully relaxed.

Now, THIS is the way to begin a new year!

Are you with me?

How is your 2020 starting out?

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